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 Tecumseh, Michigan, U.S.A.
Kiwanis Motto: Serving the Children of the World
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Committee Chairperson Resources
For each form, there are three versions: Online, Microsoft Word and PDF. To use the Online version, you need only click on the link below, fill in the information on the form and submit the form. If you have Word, you can download the file for that version and modify it to contain your information before printing it. If you do not have Word, you can download the PDF file, print it and fill in the information manually. For the latter two ways, you will need to get a copy of your report to Ken DeRemer  before the Board Meeting. The Online version will be delivered automatically.
Monthly Report: MonthlyReport.doc MonthlyReport.pdf OnlineReport

Listing of Committees:

Club Meetings




Set up before and clean up after meetings, arrange programs, and administer 50-50

Kelly Coffin, Chair
Young Children Priority One Responsibilities:

Priority One is chaired each year by the club's President Elect. The purpose of the committee is to find, review, support and undertake projects that are focused on children from infant to five-years-old. The committee has an annual budget and makes monthly contributions to projects, ranging from $200 to $400. Past projects include financial support to: area child safety programs, local hospital childbirth delivery units, library early reader programs, and a county special needs playground.

Jody Howard, Chair
Community Services Responsibilities:

Community services is responsible for the distrubution of Kiwanis funds to various community organizations during the year as well as organizing the highway cleanup, assisting in Bird park spring cleanup, and aiding the Builders Club with the Christmas Parade activities.

Lana Archer, Chair
Human and Spiritual Values Responsibilities:

The committee has two functions at this time. We sponsor an ad weekly in the Tecumseh Herald asking people to attend the church of their choice. Secondly the spiritual aims committee provides the President with a list of members willing to offer the prayer prior to each meeting. The Kiwians Club of Michigan has asked that we not use the name of Jesus in our prayers. To this point however, the committee has not seen fit to honor this request.

Mary Bruno, Chair

Youth Services Responsibilities:

The Youth Services Committee is an integral part of the Kiwanis Club of Tecumseh, primarily because the International club motto is "Serving the Children of the World." The majority of the money our club raises in and around the Tecumseh community is used and dispersed by the Youth Services Committee.

In addition to these committees, the Youth Services Committee monetarily supports organizations such as the Tecumseh Youth Theatre, Tecumseh Public Library Summer Reading Program, Communities In Schools, Tecumseh Recreation Department, Boys and Girls Scouts and other groups. Its goal is to reach as many youth in the community as possible.

Kelly Coffin, Co-Chair
Julie LoMonaco, Co-Chair
Interclubs Responsibilities:

The purpose of interclubs is to exchange ideas with other clubs and develop fellowships by attending their meetings.

John Bartram, Co-Chair
Wendy Brys, Co-Chair
Travel and Adventure Responsibilities:

This committee provides a six-show travelogue series each year at the Tecumseh Civic Auditorium which is both a money making project and a community service.

Ron Wimple, Chair
Kiwanis Park Responsibilities:

This committee, in conjunction with the City of Tecumseh, provides many recreational opportunities with the Kiwanis Memorial Park Project, the city's third largest park of just under 24 acres. In cooperation with the Parks and Recreation Department, the committee has coordinated much of the development of the park over the last 15 years. The club has provided dollars and maintenance efforts that included a number of other community groups. Presently the club is raising bridge funds to link the park with the Herrick Park School property and then onto Indian Trails Crossing Park on the east side of the city.

Doug Bird, Chair
American Flag project  Responsibilities:

Sell annual flag subscriptions, coordinate intallation of sleeves for new subscriptions. Bill and collect funds. coordinate installaiton and removal of flags for each holiday. 

Brian Callaghan, Chair

Club Bulletin/Photos/Minutes Responsibilities:

The club newsletter is published weekly on this website and by regular mail to those members who do not have access to the Internet. It contains minutes and photos from each week's meeting and photos of events and projects. Committee members rotate taking notes at meetings.

Spencer Ruffner, Chair
Scholarships Responsibilities:

The Scholarship Committee is charged each year with the task of the distribution of around $10,000 in scholarship money for Tecumseh  High School graduating seniors. The committee will first determine the amount and criteria for each individual award and distribute the applications to the schools. After the April application deadline, the committee has the tough job of grading applications and then interviewing selected applicants and finally determining our winners. We had a total of thirteen (13) winners for the Class of 2003.

Susan Gilmore, Co-Chair
Chuck Gehrke, Co-Chair

Nut Sales Responsibilities:

The gourmet nut committee is responsible for overseeing the sale of 2000 cans of gourmet nuts through individual members and locations at local business places.

Jack Beach, Chair
Ron Publiski, Co-chair
Porter Center Party Responsibilities:

Plan and hold the annual Porter Center Christmas Party.

Dick Feight, Chair
Salvation Army Responsibilities:

Annually on or about the 1st Saturday of December the Kiwanis Club of Tecumseh each year raises money for the Salvation Army. Historically we have set up six or seven stations around Tecumseh and man these stations for eight hours by ringing bells at the kettles and persuading passers by to be generous.

George Eidson, Chair
Public Relations & Historian


This committee works on behalf of the local club in the provision of varied news releases and advertisements in support of the committee activities and fundraisers. Releases and advertisements are directed to both the print and broadcast media.

Lance Ness, Chair
Fellowship Responsibilities:

The fellowship committee will attempt to further the social side of Kiwanis by organizing a variety of social events of interest to the membership.

Carlton Cook, Co-Chair
Membership/Growth Responsibilities:

The Membership Committee is responsible for the development and growth of the club's overall membership, including new-member solicitation, induction and orientation.

Past Presidents
Key Club Responsibilities:

Support the activities of the Key Club and the school advisors and serve as liaisons to the Kiwanis Club.

Susan Gilmore, Co-Chair

Builders Club Responsibilities:

Support the activities of the Builders Club and the school advisors and serve as liaisons to the Kiwanis Club.

Tom Meyer, Chair
Freer Management Responsibilities:

Advise the Kiwanis Board on investment performance and propose changes in invest direction for the Freer scholarship fund.

Terry Lighthall, Chair
Presidential Advisor Responsibilities:

The outgoing Past President is there to assist the new president and board as needed.

Song Leaders Responsibilities:

Lead the club in the singing of America and other songs at weekly meetings.

Ken Boyd
Carlton Cook
Anne Walker
Fund Raising Responsibilities:

Scout out, review and present fund raising ideas to the president, the board and the membership in keeping with the goals of the president and club.

Aktion Club Responsibilities:

Sharon Hawley, Co-Chair
Anne Walker, Co-Chair
Current Member Roster Responsibilities:

Maintain official roster of the club.
Doug Bird
Badge List of Members Responsibilities:

Maintain the badge box list.

Doug Bird
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